Hawaiian Fit Meals is a meal prep delivery company focused on making healthy eating, convenient, easy, efficient and affordable. Our goal is to change perceptions of what it means to eat healthy and help our customers achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle for life. Eating healthy doesn’t require sacrificing taste or quality. We want people to establish an entirely new outlook on what it means to eat healthy, and create habits that are sustainable indefinitely. Making smart food choices becomes a way of life.


All of our delicious meals are prepared by our amazing team of chefs and are cooked in our State of Hawaii Health Department certified kitchen. We provide our customers a continuous variety of fresh, delicious, low-calorie, low-sodium, and nutritionally balanced meals. Our meals are healthy, balanced, and sized just right. All of our menu items are labeled with complete nutrition facts. We take the guesswork, driving, grocery shopping, cooking and scrubbing pans out of eating healthy! That means more time for friends, family and all of the finer things in life. We strive to assure our customers are always looking forward to their next meal.

Hawaiian Fit Meals is the easiest way to have guaranteed fresh, nutritionally balanced, properly portioned, and extremely convenient food at your fingertips. In addition we offer convenience, we deliver your meals free of charge to your home or office. Enjoy delicious food without having to go shopping for groceries, cook, or clean!

We believe that no schedule should ever get in the way of better living. Hawaiian Fit Meals, bridges the gap between a full schedule and healthy eating, allowing you to look and feel your best. Whether you are looking to get in peak performance fitness, or simply seeking healthy options for your daily routine, Hawaiian Fit Meals has a meal plan that will work for you!

It is the perfect way for extremely busy people with very little time to have healthy & fit meals at their disposal. Hawaiian Fit Meals is much more than a diet, it’s a state of mind; one that believes in health, nutrition, well-being along with discipline, and enjoyment!!

When you take a bite of our flavorful, delicious, vegetables; you can also feel great knowing that it was grown and purchased from local farmers. You can rest assured that you are eating a bite of locally grown, all natural ingredients.

Enjoy delicious chef inspired, made to order meals are Fresh, not frozen, No preservatives, No artificial flavors or sweeteners. The majority of our ingredients come from local, sustainable farms. We use fresh, all natural ingredients, which results in a healthier, more flavorful meal. No Shopping! No Cooking! No Cleaning! No Counting! Delivered to your Door! Simply heat, eat and enjoy! Convenient Free weekly Delivery in all of Oahu; Honolulu, Waikiki, Pearl City, better than Aloha to Go!



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Thank you for allowing us to be an integral part of your continued health and fitness success.